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HSL seat frame for T-45

Our seat frame for HSL Profi T-45 is ideal for experts who spend many hours on the manufacture of ceramics. The sturdy framework and the adjustable seat allow for effortless working conditions.

This pottery wheel combines the advantages of the HSL Profi T-45 with a seat frame for relaxed and ergonomic pottering. Delivery will include a shelf, a detachable seat, a wooden pottery disk, a wheel head, a foot pedal, as well as a detachable splashguard and a bucket with lid. Not included is the height gauge. All products are delivered in sturdy and secure cardboard packaging. Replacement parts can be ordered individually.

Product data:

  • 30-55cm x 45cm x 45-60cm

You can buy the HSL Profi T-45 pottery wheel and the seat frame from wholesalers. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.